10 Important Tent Camping Tips for Beginners You Can’t Ignore

Your success while camping depends on how well you are prepared as well as your commitment. As a beginner, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and confused. However, if you have a proper plan in place and take things one at a time, things may not seem so difficult after all. Here are some tent camping tips for beginners to help you out:

Choose a Campsite Wisely

tent camping tips

Choose a campsite and make your reservation well in advance. You have to consider all the relevant factors before arriving at a decision of selecting a campsite. Once arriving at the campsite, consider all the factors where you’ll be setting up base. For example, you’ll want to pitch tent near a water body where you can have better access to water as well as the option of fishing.

Prepare a List of the Equipment in Advance

Make a list of all the equipment that you will need for the trip. Sit down, take your time and prepare the list. You will be out, away from home for some days. You do not want to miss out on something crucial that you may need for the trip.

Depending on whether you go car camping or just backpacking, the equipment you’ll need might differ. For example, if you’re backpacking, chances are you’ll go hiking and hence would require hiking boots to be included in backpacking equipment. In car camping, you have the luxury of including camping chairs that you can setup around the tent.

Use a Backpack

Store all your equipment preferably in backpacks. Backpacks are easy to carry. Even though you may be going to the campsite by car, sometimes you may have to hike some distance before arriving at the campsite. In such situations, a backpack comes handy.

You can carry most of the equipment in a backpack. Except heavy equipment like stove grill, camping chairs oor a water cooler, you can carry almost everything you need for camping or hiking. Moreover they are pretty convenient to carry as compared to other bags or suitcases.

tent camping tips

Stock up on Food Supplies

Carry along sufficient food supplies and raw materials. While you may want to cook in the open, some ready-made items can be carried from home for convenience. I would suggest you carry canned items and cook less. Especially if the weather is unpredictable, you wont be able to light the fire for cooking. So it is much better to carry a lot of ready-made food items.

 Learn how to make a fire

While at the camp, you must know how to build a safe campfire. You will be making a campfire and having fun in various campfire activities. Especially if you’re a large group, the fun part of camping is in the late evening campfire activities. You just can’t have enough of it! So if you can make a campfire, it’s a very handy skill to possess.

You will also need the fire to cook food. If you have decided to cook food at the campsite or have a barbecue session, you will need a small fire for the cooking.

If you feel uncomfortable with making a natural fire, you can try a portable outdoor fire pit

 Make a list of the activities or games that you will be playing

Camping can be made fun by planning various activities to undertake once you arrive at the campsite. You can go fishing if there’s a lake nearby. Hiking is one of the most favourite activities of campers, especially if you’re camping in the wild.

For the less adventurous you can read a book or play cards during the day and play different games by the campfire in the evening. Lots of things to do.

My point is, whether you will go fishing, hiking or just playing with a pack of cards sitting by the tent, deciding on the activities to be carried out in the camp will prevent confusions later on.

camping tips for beginners

Carry a mosquito repellent

Believe me when I say the kind of mosquitoes you find in the wild are a lot more menacing and irritating than the ones you find in residential areas. After all, they too are creatures of the night.  Especially if your campsite is near a water body, or even in the wilderness, there are bound to be a lot of mosquitoes that will make your experience sour.

Hence do not forget to carry a mosquito repellent for the night. It can either be a cream, a lotion or even a spray. Whatever that suits your convenience. You can also choose to carry a mosquito net.

 Try out the camping gear in advance

Imagine it’s afternoon and you think of setting up the tent. You try to set it up and the zipper just won’t budge. What a pain! You try everything, seek someone’s help. But it doesn’t help. You have no idea what to do especially when it becomes dark and you need to sleep.

Hence it is very important that you check and try out the equipment especially tents, sleeping bags, flashlight, any knives or activity items like fishing rods.

Learn how to set up a tent. Make sure that you fit in the sleeping bag. Make sure that the flashlight is working.

camping tips for beginners

Keep an eye on the weather

A day before you start for the camp, go through the forecast for the next few days. You do not want to get caught in bad weather in an unknown place. If the forecast predicts bad weather, you can always postpone your trip. Also if the weather forecast suggests rain for a few hours, you can prepare yourself much better.

Keep your loved ones in the loop

If you are camping in the wilderness, there are high chances that the cell phone network might not work. In that case, before you go on the trip, inform your family or friends about the location and duration of the trip. That is a very responsible thing to do and something which you must not forget! You never know when an emergency can arise.

These are some of the camping tips you must keep in mind when starting out for camping. If you feel, I missed out something; please feel free to add in the comments section!

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