11 Common Tent Camping Mistakes To Avoid

Even though you might have made a lot of preparations before going for that first camping trip, it is but natural that you are bound to make some mistakes. Some of these mistakes can be minor, while some can affect your trip to a considerable extent. I have put together a list of 11 camping mistakes to avoid while going for your first camping trip.

tent camping mistakes

  • Not going through the forecast for the next few days

Weather can be unpredictable. It is always better to go through the forecast for your destination for the upcoming days before you head out. This way, you’ll know whether you can go ahead for the trip or not. So, make it a point to keep track of the weather forecast.


  • Not researching the destination

Researching the place where you are going to set up tent is very important. You need to know where the nearest telephone booth or a habitable area is, if you are camping in the woods. Read beforehand about how you can reach there, whether the roads leading to the site are commutable, about the facilities like sanitation, water availability,  if you are going to camp in a commercial camping ground.


  • Not trying out the new equipment

You have bought brand new camping gear for the first time. But have you tested it before going on the trip? Camping equipment like tent, portable stove and portable outdoor fire pits need to be tried and tested before the trip. You really do not want to reach your destination and find out that you don’t know how to set up the tent or light fire in the earthen fire pit.

 tent camping mistakes

  • Forgetting to carry along essential equipment

Equipment like flashlights, Swiss army knife, duct tapes etc. are small yet essential items. You must not overlook them when going out for your first camping trip.


  • Choosing the wrong campsite

While selecting a campsite, you need to pay attention to a lot of factors. Selection of the campsite is essentially going to determine whether your trip was successful or not. Here is a resource on how to select the right campsite.


  • Feeding the animals

Wherever you are going to camp, there are bound to be while some animals present. At any cost, you must avoid feeding them. These are animals of the wild and however cute or cuddly they may seem, eventually they are unpredictable and untamed.


  • Buying cheap quality of equipment

When you are going out camping for the first time, it is common to have a mindset that since this is the first time, it is better to buy cheap equipment; later on we can buy quality gear. This is wrong. Camping in the wild requires you to have quality equipment which can be relied upon. Even otherwise, if you decide to become a regular camper, it is better to buy good quality stuff. You can get high quality camping gear at online camping gear stores or even Amazon

Tent Camping Mistakes

  • Reaching the campsite in the dark

If your campsite is a long drive from your place, there are chances that you may arrive in the dark. This can pose some problems in setting up the tent and even lighting a fire. To arrive early, you must start early. Arriving in the daytime, you can set up your tent easily and even do a recce of the location.


  • Not carrying enough drinking water

Your campsite may not necessarily be near a river with clean and fresh water. You need to have sufficient supplies of potable drinking water. If you are arriving at the campsite by your vehicle, you can carry water coolers to store drinking water.


  • Not carrying extra food supplies

Food is one thing where you should not compromise. If you will be going hiking, you may feel hungrier than normal. So, stack up food supplies for an extra day. Even otherwise, it is always better to have some backup food supplies.


  • Throwing garbage around

This not only spoils the environment but also attracts animals to your site. Carry large plastic bags to store all the garbage. Even after putting the garbage in the plastic bags bring back the bags home and then dispose them off.

So, now that you know these common camping mistakes, you can avoid them. If you have any other point to add here, feel free to comment!



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