8 Ideas for Camping Activities

The purpose of going on a camping trip is to enjoy and have fun. Though camping does teach you life skills as well, eventually it is the thrill of adventure and enjoyment ithat pulls you into the activity. Whether you are a couple of people or a big group, you can enjoy in many different ways. Here are some ideas for camping activities:

Play cards

You can say this is one of the hottest activity ideas, especially when you are in a group. Playing cards can never be boring for majority of the people. Moreover, in the stillness of the nature, it is a completely different experience.

ideas for camping activities

Sing campfire songs

This is another popular activity, among all age-groups. You don’t need to be a Madonna or Enrique to sing around the campfire. Whatever your talent, just join in and sing. It is a great way to pass time and singing is soulful indeed.

Roast meat

You have a campfire. You have brought some raw meat or have caught a fish. The best thing you can do is roast the meat or the fish. While it can serve as your dinner, the joy in roasting and preparing your own food is immense.

Read a Novel

This is for those who enjoy solitude. You have the perfect setting, wherein you’ll get all the peace that you want when you usually read. If you will be camping in the wilderness, the quiet of the nature will surely entice you to read a novel.

ideas for Camping activities

Go hiking

Of course, if you have come for a camping trip, chances are that you will go for a hiking trip also.  However, not all may want to go hiking. You can tell those who stay back to take care of your belongings while you go hiking and explore the beauty of Mother Nature. However, you must be equipped with all the hiking gear before you start out on a trail.

Play some sport

Is your campground large? In such a case, you can play some sport like throwball, soccer or dodgeball. As far as soccer is concerned, you don’t need a full field. You can just setup goal posts with stones and play in a smaller area, somewhat like street soccer. Playing sport is a good way to pass time, while feeling fit.

ideas for Camping Activities

Bird Watching

If you are in the wilderness, there are chances you might catch sight of some exotic species of birds. Keep your camera handy at all times as you may get a chance to click a photo anytime.

Adventure Sports

If you have the guts for glory, you can choose to indulge in adventure sports like kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing etc. You can set your adrenalin pumping! But then of course, you need to have appropriate gear and safety equipment for these sports.

Chat and Gossip

Yes, indeed! One of the really enjoyable things to do is sit around the campfire and chat with your group members.  If you are a young group, you can indulge in games like truth n dare or share horror stories. Elder people can talk about various issues, gossip or anything under the sun. Believe me; talking around the campfire is real fun which cannot be missed.

Though a lot of preparation is required for camping, in the end it is a recreational activity. So, it must be taken overall as a fun adventure. However, some people miss out on the fun aspect and focus more on what is right; whether all equipments are carried, whether the campsite is perfect or whether the days will be spent productively.

Anyways, if you guys have some more ideas for camping activities, please do give in your suggestions in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “8 Ideas for Camping Activities

  1. Good post. This is how I got started when I was a kid. If you start when you are young it got to be fun or you never go camping again when you grow up.


    • Very true Anders. You got to enjoy camping in the right spirit, whether you’re an adult or a kid!

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