9 Camping Safety Tips

Whether you go backpacking and camping alone in the wilderness, or you camp amid other campers in a campground, safety is first and foremost. When out in the natural environment, any mishap can occur; whether it is a campfire, an insect bite or even hostile weather. It is better to be safe than sorry and take the necessary safety precautions. Let us have a look at a few camping safety tips:

camping safety tips

• Keep an eye on the forecast before you start. If the forecast suggests rough weather for the next few days, you may want to consider postponing the trip.

• Carry a first-aid kit. And more essentially, learn some basic first-aid before the trip like CPR, tackling insect bites etc. Out in the wild, you can get injured, get bitten by a poisonous insect or suffer from ill health. You don’t want to be rushing back or sitting there helpless not knowing what to do. Select a water proof box for the contents and you must know how to use each of the contents inside the first-aid box.

• Animals can be cute. But if they are living in the wild, they may not be as cute as they appear to be. Avoid approaching animals out in the wild, how much ever cute and small they may seem. You are camping in their territory, so though they will be afraid and keep distance, at the same time they can be unpredictable and protective about their territory. More importantly, feeding wild animals is a strict no-no.

• One big challenge from the animal kingdom that you’ll be facing will be snakes and spiders. Out in the wild, you are likely to encounter some snakes or even spiders. Best thing to do is, keep away and still from them. They are startled by sudden movements and can attack for their defense.

• Mosquitoes will be in plenty. Especially if you are near a water body. The only thing you can do is carry a mosquito repellent cream and if possible a mosquito net. That will keep the mosquitoes away.

camping safety tips

• Be careful with fire. Especially if it your first campfire, you must be extra careful. Make the fire in a clear area without much debris like broken twigs or dry leaves. Do not make fires under overhanging trees or where there are plenty of dry leaves.

• If you have small children with you, you must supervise everything they do. Things in the wild are different and city-bred children can often get into trouble through injuries or insect bites. Keep an eye on them so that they do not get lost.

• Be careful with the gas stove. If you are pouring fuel into it, do so with a funnel and avoid spilling fuel. At the same time, light the gas stove away from the campfire.

• Finally, if you’re going hiking, try not going alone. Have someone to tag along with you. Also, inform the others about where you will be going and by what time you will return. It always helps to keep someone in the loop.

These are some basic safety tips you must consider when you go out for camping. If I have missed something, please feel free to suggest in the comments section below!


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