An Honest Coleman Sundome 4 Tent Review

While camping, the tent that you use will have a great impact on whether you had a great time or just a usual experience. There are several factors like size, space, height, ventilation etc. that you must consider while buying a tent. If you are looking for a good 4 person tent equipped with all the requisites, you should go for the Coleman Sundome 4 Tent

The name Coleman has been synonymous with camping since the last 100 years. This is another great quality product from the manufacturers. With a sleeping size of 63 square feet, it can easily and comfortably accommodate a family of four with ample amount of room still left.

This tent is specially designed to protect you from bad weather and storms. Weather can be unpredictable even if you might have done your research about the forecast. And in the wilderness, you do not have proper cover or rain sheds to protect you. This tent does the best possible to protect you from the wet.

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

It is made of a polyester fabric and comes equipped with Coleman’s flagship Weather-Tec system offering assured protection from the rains. The rain cover and rain guard are top-class. Thus it keeps you completely dry. With a center height of 59 inches, it has ample headroom for most people.

Now you must have noticed the peculiar dome shape of the Coleman 4 tent. The dome shape has been developed to keep you cool even during the scorching heat in summer. It has adjustable ventilation systems that are designed to keep the air flowing. With all the flys secured, it keeps the bugs out.

It sets up very quickly and comes equipped with various accessories like a rain fly, electrical port, an interior hook for hanging stuff, tent bags, easy-to-follow instruction booklet, a door mat, an interior gear pocket, poles and stakes.

Let us now consider some frequently asked questions that people have been asking about this tent.

FAQs of the Coleman Sundome 4 Tent

1.What protection does this tent have for the rains?

A. The tent comes with a rain tarp that covers the doorway too. Moreover the material is waterproof so there is no problem of water leaking in when it rains.

2. What is the maximum height of the tent?

A. The tent has an approximate maximum height of 4 feet 10″ at the centre of the dome. You cannot stand in this tent but its height is enough for you bend just a little while moving in the tent.

3. Can 4 fully grown adults sleep comfortably in this tent along with the gear?

A. Nope. 4 fully grown adults will be able to just fit in and it will not be possible to accommodate their equipment. If you’re looking for that, it is better you go for the 6 person tent which has much more space and has a greater height at the centre.

However, if you’re a family of four with kids, or 3 grown adults, you can easily fit in this tent alongwith the equipment.

4.  Is there a video where you can show how to setup the tent?

A. Sure, you can check out this video where it is shown how you can setup the tent.

5. Can this tent be used for backpacking?

A. That’s a great question. Considering its weight and size, I’d say it is quite bulky for backpacking. Typically you shoul carry a 2-person tent at the most while backpacking.

6. Does it have a hook to hang a lantern?

A. Not one that I know of.

Let’s now have a look at the pros and cons of the Coleman Sundome 4 tent:


  • Comes equipped with the latest Weather-Tec technology and keeps you dry during heavy storms as well
  • Is easy to set-up
  • Has an excellent ventilation system
  • Has ample headroom with 59 inches at the center
  • Comes equipped with a lot of accessories
  • Reasonably priced


  • Four full-sized adults can barely fit in with no extra space for the gear. If yoare a family of four with kids, then probably you can fit in quite comfortably.


  • 4-person dome tent with 63 square feet of sleeping space
  • Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system keeps rain and moisture out
  • Adjustable Variflo ventilation and vented Cool-Air port
  • Privacy vent window; interior gear pocket; rain fly
  • Electrical access port; measures 9 x 7 feet; 1-year warranty
  • 59″ center height
  • 8.5 mm fiberglass poles
  • Floor 1000D Polyethylene
  • Sleeps 4 people

Rating: 4.5/5

Very few tents in the market come equipped with so many facilities and high quality for such a reasonable price. This tent has received mainly positive reviews from all of its users. Having done some research on the best place to buy it from, I decided to narrow it down to Amazon.

Check out the Coleman Sundome 4 tent here!

If you have any questions about the Coleman Sundome 4 tent, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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