How To Choose A Campsite

Once you have decided to go camping the next step to be considered is selecting a campsite. It is very important to choose a campsite that is not only safe from many risks, but also makes the stay in the camp a pleasurable one. Following is a walk-through about how to choose a campsite:

how to choose a campsite
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When starting out as a beginner, do not choose a very remote campsite

Initially when you are starting out as a camper, it is advisable to select a site that is in the vicinity of some habitat, some other camps or at least has a phone service in the area. In cases of emergency, you may not be well equipped and maybe inexperienced to handle the situation. So, you can always ask for help. At the same time, always keep a few people informed of your campsite back at home.

Choose a large area

Whether you are a group of seven or twenty seven, always choose an area large enough to accommodate everyone without crowding. If you have your heart set on a particular site but it is too small to accommodate all of the fellow campers, look for another one. You do not want to have trouble setting up tents and sleeping in the night.

Look for an area in the proximity of a lake or river

How to choose a campsiteAn ideal campsite would neither be close to a lake or a river. The presence of a water body close to the campsite makes it easier to clean and maintain ensures that you do not run out of water. Also, you can enjoy fishing in the lake or the river.

However, there is one disadvantage in having a campsite near a water body. You will have to deal with the mosquitoes at night. To tackle that, ensure that you carry mosquito repellents or nets.

Don’t select a site on the slopes in the rains

If you plan to go to an area where it is rains a lot, do not choose a camp site on the slopes. Although you might reach the site when it is dry and the prospect of camping on the slopes of a mountain is exciting, you must consider the cons that are involved. If it does happen to rain, your camping experience would be ruined. Water would run down all over the campsite and your tents causing havoc.

Select a site that ensures you some privacy

Though it is advisable to be in the vicinity of habitat while starting out, you must also have some form of privacy in the campsite. You have come to the camp to relax, enjoy and bond. You may play games, swim in the lake or just sit back and listen to the sound of nature. These are private moments that are to be cherished.

Stay away from a meadow or an area abundant with plantation

How to choose a campsite

An area where plantation has already taken place must be having some really good soil and ecology. Though you may not select a site exactly between the plantations, it is still better to stay away. The ecosystem of fertile land covers a large expanse and we do not want to disturb something that has been of value for many years, just for the sake of our experience. The best spot would be somewhere where the land is barren or has just plain grass or weeds.

Finally, choose a site where campers have already camped before

The advantage here is that more experienced campers would have already camped before. They would have considered all the factors like whether there is ample breeze available, shelter from the mid-day sun, provision to fish or hunt and space for playing games.

After selecting the camp site, you must ensure that you leave no trace of any wrappers or garbage. Nature presents you in its purest form. It is our responsibility to return back the favor.


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  1. I love this site! I really enjoy camping, and this information is very helpful!

  2. One thing we always take into account when setting up our tents is the Sun. We generally like to stay up late around the campfire and then sleep in during the morning. If the sun hits your tent directly early in the morning it can make it hot in there quick and end up waking you up earlier then expected. So keep that in mind as well.

    • Yes, James you have a point there.

  3. This is just the type of information I need. I’ll be checking out your website as you build on it, because I’m most definitely a beginner camper and I’m too ill-equipped (or just scared) to go camping with my sons, though I’d dearly love to. Being a single mum, I don’t have a partner to help with getting everything organised, so I find it really hard to work it all out for myself. Look forward to reading what you have to say next, Nalin.

    • Sure Sandi, I hope I can help you out with all your camping needs πŸ™‚

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