How To Choose The Right Tent

Your camping experience depends upon various factors. However, one very important point to ensure the success of your camping trip is the selection of the right tent for you. If you don’t select the appropriate tent for yourself, you may not enjoy the camping experience to that extent. There are a few things that you must consider while choosing a tent. Here, I am going to explain four points that will explain how to choose the right tent.


This is a very important parameter to be considered while selecting a tent. You have to take into account the number of people that will sleep in it, and the shape of the tent; whether it is dome-shaped, rectangular or mummy-shaped, and whether you will be carrying a pet. If you are carrying a pet, you would want a bigger tent to include the pet basket.

how to choose the right tent


If you’re going for back-country camping and will be backpacking, the weight of the tent becomes very critical here. Along with the tent, you will be carrying your food, clothes and all the camping gear in your backpack.

If your backpack already weighs 60 lbs or more, addition of another 20 lbs would be a lot and make your hiking experience miserable.   In such a case, you want a lighter tent with light tent poles and staves. On the other hand, if you are car camping at a campsite, where you will pitch tent in close proximity with your car, then the weight of the tent is not much of an issue, and you can select a bigger tent to suit your camping needs.

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Sleeping Capacity

The sleeping capacity will be closely related to the size. Tents come in various shapes and sizes. However, you must keep your requirements and needs in mind, such that your gear and all members of the group can sleep comfortably in it, and then select a tent. Otherwise, if your camping gear is outside the tent, it may face risk of damage due to climatic factors or night scavengers.

There are some mummy-shaped tents that taper off towards the feet. However, you must know that after setting up such a tent, the space in the tent will be just enough for 2 persons to sleep and you cannot include your gear in it. Things can get cramped. If you are a person who likes personal space around yourself, you will want to do adequate research before you buy a tent! So take care that you consider the total number of persons (and maybe pets), along with the gear while selecting a tent.

 how to choose the right tent

Climate Conditions

An important point based on the location and the time when you plan to camp. Are you planning to go during the peak of the summer or you want to have some extra adventure and plan to go in winter? These are things that should be considered while making the choice for a tent.

You will need a light tent which would allow more air circulation during summers. Camping in winters would require heavier tents with adequate protection against the cold. Finally, if you are camping in the rains or in stormy conditions, you will need a tent with a strong rainfly to keep water from dripping and coming in. A tent with an extra section of rainfly canopy is effective in keeping out the rains.

Camping is a fun experience and should stay that way. If you plan to camp regularly under different conditions, you can also go for two separate tents; a lightweight tent for backpacking and a heavier one for group camping.

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2 thoughts on “How To Choose The Right Tent

  1. Selecting the correct tent will definitely be a critical part of going camping. We got a new tent last year when we went to a campground in VA. We would be there for a few days, so we selected a bigger tent so that we would have room for all of our extra stuff & be tall enough for us to easily change in (being able to stand up in it).

    • That’s great to hear James. Yes, indeed selection of the right tent is very important.

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