Best LED Lantern Review – Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern SE3DLN

The Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern SE3DLN Product Overview

With a large variety of LED lanterns in the market, it can become difficult to zero in on a particular brand or model. However, what most of us usually look for in a lantern is superior quality and powerful lighting. Very few lanterns come in the market with superior quality and low cost.

One of them is the The Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern SE3DLN. With 4-Watt LEDs with a maximum output of 240 lumens capable of lasting thousands of hours and costing a modest amount, it regularly features in the Amazon bestseller list.

rayovac sportsman led lantern

It runs on 3 D batteries and has a run-time of 40 hours on high output and 90 hours on a low output. Whether you are on a camping trip or without power in the event of a storm, it is certainly the best LED lantern in this range. In this review, I will walk you through some of my personal favourite features of this lantern.

Yes The Price is Low, But There Is No Compromise On Features

At first glance, you may find the lantern a bit small in size. But as they say looks can be deceiving, the amount of lighting this lantern can provide can far exceed your expectations. In fact, the compactness of this lantern makes it more durable to carry when you are outdoors on a camping trip.

The 3 D batteries that it runs on last longer than the AA batteries that most of the other lanterns use.

Considering the design and the look, one can say it is specially made for the outdoors. It is water resistant and is made of the terpolymer ABS, known for its impact resistance and toughness making it very durable.

The bottom of the lantern has a hook which in my opinion can be very handy whether you are in a tent or in your room. Many times an absence of such a hook has been a problem I have observed. Although it is a small feature, this hook can be very handy else you have to find a suitable place for the lantern.

In case of an outage, locating the lantern is very easy, as it comes with a green easy-to find LED light that blinks every five seconds when it is OFF. And no, the constant blinking of the blinker LED does not drain the battery. The icing on the cake however is the lifetime warranty that it comes with!

Too good to be true?

Along with the numerous benefits that the Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern SE3DLN offers, there are of course a few drawbacks as well. Though I will abstain from calling them literal drawbacks, awareness about them will surely help you make an informed decision while buying the lantern.

  • Changing the batteries can be a bit tricky for some people. The base twists off to load or remove the batteries from the lantern. However, putting back the base requires a tricky alignment of the contacts as the spinning disk at the base that has the contacts spins a bit more freely. However, try practising it for a couple of times, and you get the hang of it. So nothing much to worry about. Here’s what one lighting aficionado thinks about the battery installation process:
  • The overall construction of the lantern is rugged and solid as I mentioned earlier. However the hook that comes at the base of the lantern is made of cheap plastic and you might have to be a bit more careful handling it.

I will now try to answer some frequently asked questions when purchasing a camping lantern.


  1. How bright is the lamp?

A. In a 15×15 room, it is bright enough to illuminate the entire room nicely. However for reading you need it                     atleast 6′ close to you. For a tent, it has the right amount of brightness.

       2.  How do I install the batteries?

A.  You just have to twist the bottom base counter-clockwise. It will pop open. Insert the 3 batteries as per the                   polarities suggested. To close, twist it clockwise and make sure the 2 red arrows are aligned in position. The                 task will be made simpler if you invert the lantern upside down first.

 3. Are there any alternate modes of powering the lantern?

A. This lantern runs only on batteries.

4. What color is the light emitted?

A. The tint of the light is white. Being very bright, the white light is pretty soothing to the eyes. And does not                     produce much heat because of the LEDs.

      5. What type of batteries does this work with?

A. It works the best with D size batteries giving greater run-time. You require 3 of them. It is suggested you use               the Rayovac D size batteries.

 6. Is it waterproof?

A. The lantern is designed to be water-resistant. It can withstand getting wet in the rain once or twice. Just                      make sure it is not submerged in water.

Buy Or Not?

Personally, I would say that in this price range, it wins the race for the best LED Lantern hands down. In my opinion, whether you have a high budget or a modest one; whether you need a lantern for camping or for emergency power outages, the Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern (View on Amazon) will not disappoint you.

The best place to buy it from is Amazon, where you get a very competitive price and a 30 day return policy in case your product is faulty or defective.

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